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This course was designed in partnership with Oxbridge and Russell Group of universities, in response to their demands for greater academic rigour and a course which prepares students effectively for the top university courses.  The Russell Group consists of the top 20 UK universities.  These universities are committed to supporting outstanding teaching and research.  It has been developed by the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) which is a department of the University of Cambridge.  This is ideal for students who are considering applying to either the Russell Group or Oxbridge Universities, and will enhance our strong tradition of sending students to Oxbridge and our rigorous preparation programme for these students. 

The Pre-U has proven to be highly successful, allowing students from this year to go on to study at the top Russell Group Universities, such as University College London, University of Bath and London School of Economics.  The results students are achieving are outstanding, with students achieving D1 grades which is higher than an A* grade!

Unlike other courses, it allows you flexibility in your choice of subjects and for you to be able to personalise your studies.  You can take any combination of subjects you like.  You can specialise or diversify, depending on where your strengths and interests lie. 

The Pre-U has been designed to inspire, challenge and reward students.  It takes individual learning seriously and enables you to study a programme tailored to suit your own interests, enthusiasm and expertise.

The Pre-U has been awarded a higher point score by UCAS (which processes all university applications).

Why the Pre-U?
In recent years there has been an increase in the numbers of students applying to university, coupled with an increase in the number of students achieving A grades (a quarter of students achieved an A grade at A level in 2008).  This has led to increased competition for places at the top universities and these universities have started to look for more than just A grades at A level.  They are looking for students who have independent study skills and thought, and who have gained greater knowledge than simply completing modules.  University admissions tutors believe in many cases that the Pre-U is an even better preparation than A levels for the challenge of academic degree courses.

The course places a greater emphasis on study skills, as well as the knowledge that will make students successful – both as applicants to university and as students once they are there.  Universities value the Cambridge Pre-U and the skills it develops.  Universities have also welcomed the clarity of the Cambridge Pre-U grading system, which allows the most selective universities to distinguish between students who may receive the same grade at A level and allows them to identify the truly gifted and talented.  It also allows students to show achievement at higher levels than the A grade or A* grade.

For more information about the Pre-U please contact Sian Willcox on 01761 402280 for a Pre-U Information Pack.

To find out more about the Pre-U course at the Midsomer Norton Sixth Form, click on the icon opposite.

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