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Teacher Assessed Grades 2021

In 2021 GCSE, A Level, BTEC and Pre-U examinations have been cancelled and grades are being determined using the Teacher Assessed Grade process.

Below you can access key documents relating to the process including: Ofqual guidance, The Midsomer Norton Schools Partnership TAG policy and our assessment timelines. Please note these are working documents and may be update following JCQ guidance and/or if additional evidence is required.

For the Ofqual guidance please click here.

For JCQ guidance on the Teacher Assessed Grade Process for students, parents and guardians please click here.

For The Midsomer Norton Schools Partnership Teacher Assessed Grade Policy please click here

For our Year 13 Subject Assessment Timeline (including Year 12 GPR and Year 12 Further Maths)  please click here - MSNMSSWRI

For evidence which will be used to determined the Teacher Assessed Grades for each subject please click  here - MSN - MSS - WRI

For Centre Policies please click here - MSS - NHS - SVSWRI

The Midsomer Norton Schools Partnership Appeals Policy will be published here, in due course.

Exam Access for Assessments

All Exam Access Arrangements have been put in place suitable for the task:


Extra time is built into assessments; Word processors are provided in-class; readers and prompts are provided by the class teacher or students have chosen to use a reading pen; students who require scribes are supported.


Any Exam Access unable to be covered has been noted, and marks adjusted accordingly.

Moderation of the evidence will take place both in school across all grade boundaries and across the MAT before the Teacher Assessed grades are finalised.

Moderation will be completed where indicated 

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