Trust charity of the year:
You will be aware of the global focus on tackling prejudice and unconscious bias following the tragic death of George Floyd in the United States. As a Trust we have always worked hard to eradicate prejudice in all forms, as well as educate
 our children to be tolerant and respectful of everyone in society. As a result of this awful event in the United States and the protests here in the UK, we have decided to adopt a charity for the year which is focused on tackling prejudice, but also supporting children to overcome disadvantage. I am pleased to announce that we have chosen the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust as our charity of choice this year. We have selected this charity because of the excellent work they have done to support disadvantaged children, but also tackle prejudice and discrimination. We hope to run a number of events to fund raise, as well as increase awareness of the issues associated with prejudice, fairness and
disadvantage -

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