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HE Information

HE Application information

  • New UCAS point score: There is a new UCAS point score being used for admission to universities in 2018. Click here to view these changes.

  • HE Applications - The Next Step (2018-19) For Year 13: Click here for information related to the NEXT STEP to applying to universities for Year 13.​

  • The Next Step Booklet (2018-19) For Year 13: Click here open the NEXT STEP PDF Booklet Year 13 containing information for Year 13 Courses and HE Preparation

  • HEAP Online: Sign up to HEAP online here: . Use access code IFSLPUTO HEAP Online is a great starting point for moving on into higher education and planning ahead and will take you through all the stages in choosing the course and place of study which is right for you.


Below you will find some useful information for parents or carers of students that are looking to go onto higher education.


Is your son or daughter applying to higher education?


For information on the application process to HE, please visit the UCAS website by clicking here.


UCAS Parent Guide:


Entry 2018: Click Here to view the guide.


Results Day & Clearing: Click Here to view the guide.


Student Calculator:

Helping students make sense of student finance



Applications: The final Stages

Below is a PDF presentations related to the final stages of HE Applications:

HE Finance

Below is are two PDF presentations about HE Finance, one for students and one for parents:

Below are PDF documents relating to further information on Student Finance England (SFE) for students:

Below are PDF documents relating to further information on Student Finance England (SFE) for parents:

Further Information:


University Bursaries: For information on bursaries available for various universities, please click here 

Also, why not go onto the UCAS website, find your university and course, under 'course search'. Click on the 'Fees & Finance' tab at top, which should show details of any bursaries available.

It is well worth you looking at the universities you have applied to and investigating how you apply for the bursary. This is different for each university and there is only a set amount of money so the sooner you apply the better.

If you have applied through UCAS, used all five choices on your application and aren't holding any offers, you might be able to apply through Extra for another course. In Extra, you can apply for any course with vacancies. Extra is open between the end of February and early July. In Extra, you apply for one course at a time using Track.

For more information, please
click here.

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